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Architect, carpenter, creative thinker, designer and permacultural designer. A scientific education and an architectural degree at Politecnico di Torino. Projects of architecture and design studies. Experience in material technology, operational over ten years in the field of carpentry and restoration. Experience in cultural, social and community building projects. Experience and training in the field of permaculture design.


Commercial, expert in cultural relations, communication, events, offline sales management. An industrial and technical school training. Expert in social cooperation with over 20 years of  experience in the field covering different professional roles, from an educational and training level to personnel management. Management experience as a board member. Bookseller with ten years of experience. Conception of opening and management of an independent bookshop in Turin. Experience that has developed skills in commercial, relational and customer management as well as promotion and event creation. President of an artistic and cultural committee with ten years of experience in managing events related to the world of art, culture and creativity.

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