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Versatile, customizable and long lasting.

Sistema Venezia is developed around a joint created to unite elements of different sizes. Each piece of furniture is custom designed for your wishes and made in Italy using solid wood for the structure and core dyed MDF, stone, wood, plexiglass and lacquered finishes for the panels of shelves and drawers.

An innovative modular furniture solution.

With Sistema Venezia all furnishing elements can have a second life. The great quality with which they are built and assembled allows you to rethink the individual components to create a totally new object. The structure is made with cubic joints and connecting elements, designed to be used in different shapes, for the creation of versatile furnishings, which can always be dismantled and recomposed through a joint and this with hardware that is easy to use and intuitive for those who use it. Sistema Venezia: a “flexible” and “renewable” range of furniture.

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